Spotless Minds

  • Wordpress

"A Website dedicated to reviewing hidden gems whether it be movies, games or any piece of technology."

My first crack on making a website blog using Wordpress. Spotless Minds described their intentions on making a website for the gaming and movie watching enthusiasts, so I thought this would be the perfect time to learn a bit about Wordpress & custom theming using


Boisterous Glamour

  • Magento

"Boisterous Glamour is an eclectic mix of handpicked vintage and in-house design garments for the fearless, the rebels, and the bad ass individuals."

As the creators of Boisterous Glamour seeked to expand their clothing business, I was tasked to develop their own e-store. Delving into my first e-commerce website, I chose to use the open-source CMS 'Magento' to power the store.


Caring In The Chaos

  • Wordpress

"A single parents blog aimed at providing information to others in a similar situation"

Fresh from developing my first Wordpress website, I found myself at the end of another Wordpress project. This time from a single mother who was keen on blogging about her parenthood. With a specific design in mind for the clients website, I again took this opportunity to develop a custom Wordpress theme, this time with a plan to hopefully gain enough experience to eventually start developing themes users will be able to download.