Me in a nutshell

  • A young BSc Computing with Web and Multimedia graduate
  • I love collaborating with people to get the task done whether it be in games, sports or web development
  • Always commited to achieving whatever I'm set out to do
  • I've always admired good art but I was never the best drawer
  • Spending hours on simple tasks will only make it easier in the future

I'm Mark, a 24 year old aspiring Web Developer currently working on freelance projects. Web development has always been my passion ever since I was exposed to the world of coding.

In 2010 I was enrolled at Roehampton University starting my Computing Studies degree, not too sure if this was the path I wanted to take. Fast forward a few weeks and I slowly came to a realisation that I loved coding. After 3 years of Uni and achieving 1st class honours for my very first database website, I graduated with BSc (Hons).